Thursday, 30 September 2010

Next version SSIS

Details of the next version of SSIS have been leaking onto the internets. Some highlights; undo in the designer - which will be a big time-saver, data-flow sequence containers - allowing developers to group and hide transformations, and last but not least - rounded corners!

This is great, and no doubt other improvements will be announced over the next few weeks (presumably Visual Studio 2010 integration is a cast-iron certainty). However other gripes on connect remain open, or have already been closed as 'won't fix', such as case sensitivity on the Lookup transform (forcing additional 'uppercase' columns, or passing the whole lookup to the SQL database), and some of Jamie Thomsons debugging suggestions.

Nit-picking aside its interesting to note that less than 6 months after the release of R2 MS is starting to talk about CTP's of the next version.

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