Monday, 4 February 2008


Lots of SQL and BI events occuring over the next few months.

First-up is the Gartner Euro BI conference at which there will be a Clarity-Integration stand and some of my colleagues. Not me though unfortunately...

Second is the SQLBits II - The SQL in Birmingham next month. Puns aside its shaping up pretty well with sessions on 2008 as well as some in-depth 2005 sessions with MVPs. Only catch is that its on a Saturday. What gives with that?

Thirdly PASS Europe in April in Germany - not a lot of detail on this at the moment - although a couple of MVP's are doing sessions.

Last but certainly not least is the MS BI conference in Seattle in October. Went to this last year and it was great, with some informative and useful sessions - particularly from SQL CAT - oh and a free trip up the Space Needle courtesy of Panorama wasn't bad either...

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