Friday, 29 February 2008

OLAP report BI survey released

The venerable OLAP Report has released the seventh annual BI survey for 2007. The report is reviewed here by Intelligent Enterprise. Not had the opportunity to read it - it's not exactly cheap at $4 995 for three users, hopefully Clarity will see fit to get the credit card out.

Some headlines however; customer 'loyalty' scores increased for Microstrategy, Applix and Microsoft Analysis Services and declined for Hyperion Essbase, Cognos and SAP.

Overall satisfaction with BI is high - 71% of survey respondents reporting that business goals had 'largely' been met.

On the flip-side less than 9% of employees use BI with cost and performance being the biggest obstacles to a wider deployment. 'BI for the masses' not exactly here yet...

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