Monday, 4 February 2008

More useful blogs

Sometimes it amazes me how much good stuff people in the SQL community are blogging about. I for one have difficulty keeping up with it all. Stumbled across this by Michael Entin none other than the Tech Lead for SSIS - not someone I'd heard of I'm ashamed to say. Anyhoo lots of informative posts particularly about SQL 2008, including one about the improvement in multi-threading execution trees and another about compatability between VS2008/SQL2008 and VS2005/SQL2005 (note - there are limitations).

I found another detailed and interesting post here about Change Data Capture which could be really big news for BI on SQL2008 providing that a) your source system will be migrated onto 2008, and b) you can persuade your source system DBA's to switch it on. One of the major issues frequently encountered working with large source systems is figuring out the delta - ie whats changed since you last did an extract. Change Data Capture (CDC) could be a neat solution. Time to start bending your fellow DBA's ears now..

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